Magic Johnson Finally Speaks Publicly On Luke Waltons Head Coaching Security

With the Los Angeles Lakers off to a rough-ish start right now, people started making-up rumors regarding head coach Luke Walton’s stance with the team and how long he’d be around. But apparently those were nothing but rumors.

And well.. Today we learned that his job is safe, just like it should be. Hopefully LeBron isn’t trying to run him out of town.. Which you know, coach LeBron could be back at it…

In reality though, who knows what his position is. Magic could be saying that just for the media, and then… Boom. Fired. We will see how LeBron runs this team. Remember he already said that you don’t want to be around when he loses patience. Which in reality most Lakers fans didn’t even ask for LeBron they asked for Paul George….

Luke Walton is the guy for the job. He’s a former Laker, won with the Warriors. They’ll win some championships if they stick with him.

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