Madden 19 Preview [Video]

EA Sports dropped a Madden 19 trailer today, or a hype up video if your a Madden fanatic. The graphics look tantalizing,  and very lifelike. Madden 18 introduced new running mechanics, and the playable  short story of Longshot. It was in my opinion,  the best Madden yet. Madden 19 has some living up to do.

Returning is Longshot adding another chapter in the story of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. Players get to play as Devin Wade, as he has latched on as a backup QB trying to make a roster.

Longshot was a very enjoyable game mode last Madden and will be looked forward to this upcoming Madden.

The trailer for Madden 19 shows us 2018 NFL Drafties, the first and second overall picks, QB Baker Mayfield and RB Saquan Barkley. The running mechanism will me much more improved, as last year if you ran into a pile of offensive and deffensive lineman in gaging, your running back would fall. Madden 19 will offer three option, allowing us to push the pile being one option.  Hit it home, and one cut are the other options.

According to EA Madden 19 will deliver “more game-changing control to players than ever before”. This is in part due to new Real Play Motion Technology, which is said to provide a new higher degree of responsiveness and player personality. EA is also promising “more authentic ways to build an NFL roster” and “the ability to train and develop players”.

Madden 19 is to be released on XBOX One and Playstation 4 on August 7th to those whom pre-ordered the Hall Of Fame Edition.  It will be released August 10th to everyone. Nintendo Switch won’t get Madden this upcoming season but switch players can look for future installmentso of Madden. The PC will see the return of Madden this fall. Terrell Owens will be on the cover of the Hall Of Fame edition.

More is being released on the game as we move closer and closer to the release dates.

Want to view the preview video? Below these couple of advertisement click #2.

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