Machine Gun Kelly Should Be Forced To Forfeit Against Nelk Boys During The Ballina-Cup | @theballinacup

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I don’t understand why Machine Gun Kelly and Sommer Ray would be doing this. I’m sure it’s more MGK than Sommer but tonight during Ballina Cup the two of them took on Jesse and Kyle from popular Nelk Boys…

The rules?

Typical beer pong. Best of 3.


To start out.. Nelk came out a little disrespectful with this legendary entrance:

Then the first game ended up taking forever. Mainly because every time that it was MGK’s turn to shoot Nelk would have to tell him. Beer pong is the most simple game and he couldn’t figure that it’s your turn after the other team shoots.

At the end of the game MGK and Sommer Ray won… But you could tell that he didn’t want to play the second game so he ended the live stream.

This is making everyone who is following the league very confused and mad especially those who have money on Nelk.

Also… If he’s not going to play the second game in round 1 why would he play the second game in round 2? It’ll be the same situation as this. It’s time to either play the second and third game or else kick him out of the league.

C’mon man!!!


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