Luke Walton calls on Young Lakers to find leadership without LeBron James and Rajon Rondo

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Nothing is going well for the Los Angeles Lakers right now. After losing to the New York Knicks on Friday, they’re only a game and a half away from falling out of the playoff picture. LeBron James isn’t playing yet, and Rajon Rondo is out as well. Luke Walton’s getting frustrated; could his job be on the line?

LeBron James won’t be back with the team for at least another week and is his continuously being reevaluated.. And their backup point guard? Rajon Rondo isn’t expected to return until the beginning of February.

Kyle Kuzma might not be travelling with the team on their upcoming road trip due to lower back pain. The Lakers might be the there lowest point and that was clear on Friday.

And right now it seems to be coming down on coach Luke Walton. But Walton is preaching leadership from the young Lakers group.

“It’s got to come from the group,” Walton said. “We have some of the best leaders in the game. We’ve got LeBron, Rondo and Tyson (Chandler), but they’re hurt so it’s up to other people to step up and lead.

“Guys are doing it, we just have to do more of it,” Walton continued, and he said the problem is that his players aren’t being vocal enough when the team is struggling.

“It’s great when things are going well. The challenge is when we hit dry spells or other teams get hot, that’s when it starts getting quiet,” Walton said. “That’s when we need it the most. That’s when we need five guys huddling up on the court talking about what happened on the last play, what’s going to happen on the next play. Being in the moment of playing.

“That’s something that normally comes with age,” Walton continued. “We’re playing a lot of young guys right now, but that’s where we’re at and we trust and we believe that the guys playing can win. We just have to do it.”

The veterans the Lakers brought in really aren’t a big “voice” for the team. Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee are however stabilizing force in the locker room upon arrival.

This was more than likely pointed at Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. Will they be able to step up to the occasion.

If Lonzo and Ingram do not step up the Lakers might be looking at at bumpy road… When will LeBron save the day?

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