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Luka Is Better & Way Cooler Than ‘King James’ Was At This Point In Their Careers And It’s Very Obvious

Everyone is still going insane over that game-winner yesterday and rightfully so, it was awesome af. Without Porzingis, Luka tha God took down the overrated ‘Clipset’ while dropping a measly 46-43-17. Congrats to ‘Playoff P’ on the 9 points in 45 minutes. More like ‘Pandemic P’. Luka is officially the coolest player in the association now. The dude has swagger for days and is a flat-out magician on the hardwood. I wasn’t alive for the 80’s but I gotta say that he’s the most fun player I’ve ever seen touch the peach-basket court. His moves look effortless and it’s impossible to intimidate him mentally (just ask ‘Trez’). If you dislike Luka at this point, you’re just a hater.

There’s a lot of Bron-sexuals out there who live and die by their ‘King’. Anytime there’s any LBJ slander, you bet they’ll be right there to back him up with the most ridiculous arguments ever. But one thing they can’t back up is how Luka is a better player than he was at the end of year two. Just look at the stats. Luka has a higher PPG, FT%, 3PT%, more assists, and more Defensive Rebounds, than the ‘King’ had in his second year. Fans are delusional and think that LBJ has always played like prime LBJ, which couldn’t be further from the truth. People who actually watch the game know that he didn’t fully develop his skills until he reached Downtown Miami (American Airlines Arena isn’t in South Beach fyi). Also, LeBron is the most insecure superstar that’s ever walked this earth. Between the selfie-mirror pic and most recently him being called out pretending that he’s an avid book reader it’s honestly embarrassing.

Luka is the best player of the past two generations and I can’t wait to see how much better he gets. In the meantime, the haters can keep hating in their own fantasy world.

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