Luka Garza Will Be Retiring Tonight

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Did I just witness a hate crime? Jarrett Allen ended Detroit Pistons rookie big mans career before it even started . Allen finished a violent poster against Garza and I am not sure if we should call the police for what Allen did.

I mean Allen got UP is there any coming back from this if you are Luka Garza? Why did he not make the business decision and move out of the way? Maybe a veteran on the team will warn him for next time. I mean I applaud Garza for making the attempt but now you’re going to be on every sport network and not for good reasons.

Not only did Jarrett Allen kill Garza with this dunk, Luka might have died when he hit the floor because he hit it hard. I hope he will be alright, he was a fun player in college so I am rooting for Luka Garza.

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