Luka Garza is a PROBLEM

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Wow, In Iowa’s game vs Western Illinois the guy had 30 points at the half, and did it with complete ease. He’s already the reigning player of the year, and it’s looking like he’s gonna repeat without a problem.

Seriously, this guy is so scary, I’m praying he’s dealing with a sprained ankle or something when Iowa comes to Piscataway. He’s by far the biggest player on the floor, has insane post moves, and he even hit a three. It was honestly unfair watching this guy completely deep dick an inadequate Western Illinois team. It was the equivalent of throwing Deontay Wilder in the ring with a high school karate instructor.

Crazy shit is, this guy is ranked 43rd on the Big Board for the 2021 draft according to tankathon. 43rd!!!!!! Like exccuuuusssseeee me? How the fuck does that make any sense. He’s a giant, dominates everyone who tries to guard him, and can even shoot the three. NBA prospecting just makes no sense to me because by all metrics this guy is an animal. Screw 43rd, the Nets should grab this dude in the first.

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I'm an 18 Year Old who's repeatedly had his heart ripped out by the Cowboys, Yankees, and Nets. Proud displayer of a jewy haircut, and even jewier nose. Here 4 a good tyme.

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