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LPGA’s Holly Sonders Is Crazy Hot; Tiger Woods To Be At Ryder Cup?

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Holly Sonders is a well known media personality covering the subject of golf. While she may not be actively playing on the LPGA Tour, she is certainly one of the most recognizable females in the golf game.

Holly has been seen on the Golf Channel, NBC Sports and Fox Sports. She went to college at Michigan State and majored in journalism.

While Holly is a great golfer herself, these days she focuses primarily on sideline reporting and covering professional golf events from a media standpoint. She is also know for the outrageous pictures she puts of herself on her social media accounts.

If you are not familiar with who Holly is, be sure to take a look at the videos pictures of her below. I guarantee that you will be following her on Instagram after you take a look.

In other golf news, according to an ESPN article, Steve Stricker has been in touch with Tiger Woods about being a vice captain on his U.S. Ryder Cup team this fall, and though it is too early to say whether Woods can be part of the team in person, it’s clear the captain wants him there. Stricker was quoted saying the following:

“I’ve talked to him; I don’t know if we are there yet to commit to him being there,” Stricker said. “He’s still got a lot going on, and his spirits are great, though, as of late. We were on a Zoom call with him just last week, and he seems like he’s in a better place. He’s still got some ways to go. But I’d love to have him there. Who wouldn’t, right? The guys really respect him, and he did a great job as [Presidents Cup] captain [in 2019], and he was an assistant of mine in 2017 [at the Presidents Cup] and he was unbelievable. He would do anything for you, and he’s totally, totally vested in the situation and the process, almost to the point of, he’s on it early and so much, it’s like, ‘Dude, we’ve still got months to go yet.’ He’s really good at being an assistant, and I’d love to have him be there if it’s at all possible.”

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