Houston Texans

Loud Boos Erupt at Arrowhead Stadium After National Anthem at NFL Kickoff Game (Video)

Well, that kind of escalated quickly.

Just before the official NFL kickoff to the 2020 season, a few players and coaches from both the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs gathered at midfield to share a moment of unity and solidarity for Black Lives Matter (BLM) and events surrounding racism in this country.

But for the estimated 17,000 fans that were there for the game, they met the players with a loud chorus of boos at Arrowhead Stadium.

Even for a reduced crowd at Arrowhead, that was pretty loud coming through the TV screen and video shown above.

But knowing the circumstances surrounding everything in the United States, it is a belief that the players could care less at this point.

Oh well, glad to see that football is back though.

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