Los Angeles Lakers Enforce the “Lavar Rule”

The Media is the driving force throughout every sport. They work through partnerships and social media to help each sport get the publicity they need. They also do their jobs by interviewing players and coaches about what is going on with them.

Big names throughout media such as Adrian Wojnarowski use social media to tell fans about what is going on in that very moment.

Even though media is very good for sports, it also has it’s downsides, and the Los Angeles Lakers are well aware of them.

The Lakers have banned all media sources interviewing guests of players after the games.

Wait… this means we are going to miss interviews such as this one.

This new rule will now be known as the “Lavar Ball Rule.” This name makes perfect sense as Lavar Ball is really the only family getting an interview.

Even though this rule is bad for the media, it is one of the smarter things that Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers have made. This rule keeps the separation between work and family and I bet most people like that.

The media might be banned from that area, they still will find a way to get the fans their “Lavar fix.” One may say that this is the Lakers trying to get rid of Lavar, but they have stated that they have no problem with him.

The “Lavar Ball Rule” brings yet another milestone for the Ball Family.

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