Looted an iPhone or iPad? Don’t Buy or Try to use!

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The recent events have lead to an increase in Looting of businesses. Apple isn’t alone, a few stores have been vandalized and looted from.

These looters will try to either use these devices for their own bad selves, or they try to sell and unload them as quick as they can. Apple is extremely conscious of their products out in the open in the stores. Those devices are locked down so well, that before George Floyd’s death, no one would try to steal any apple device from the store.

Thanks to the Advent of GPS, Apple can make these devices inactive bricks, pinpointing the stores they were lifted from. Even when you try to activate the devices, the device spits back a notification that “This device is being tracked” or “authorities will be notified.”

A few tips to make sure you don’t get massively fucked over. If you’re able to meet face to face, use the iphone with a security code, make sure to double check the device’s find my iphone status. If you’re able too, meet at your cell provider to double check that it is indeed a good, useable iphone. They Carrier has the tools to make sure its legit, and to make sure it works with your network. Do all this, BEFORE YOU PAY THEM.

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