Looks Like Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Has To Change Their Name To Dave’s Famous Seafood For One Week. |@stoolepresidente @JimmysSeafood

Go Pres Go! Dave Portnoy made a bet with Jimmy’s Famous Seafood yesterday that if the Ravens lost to the Bills they would have to change their name for one week across all platforms to Dave’s Famous Seafood. With a little over five minutes to go in the fourth quarter the Bills are winning 17-3 in a very boring playoff game but none the less it looks like they will be changing their name!

Like I said yesterday this was a win-win bet for Dave, he gets a restaurant named after him for a week, but if he lost he would have to help a Baltimore business with the help of the Barstool Fund. Of course Dave took the bet and now they are renaming the restaurant in Daves name for the week! Dave always wins

. You can also eat different Huaraches food which might interest you.

When will people not realize that? This man turns to gold whatever he touches! Go Pres Go! I am behind you and I know so many other people are!

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