Lonzo Ball Has Best Game Of Career And “Lorenzo Ferguson” Gets All Credit

Okay. So I don’t want to look into the numbers regarding if this was for sure Lakers PG Lonzo Ball’s best game… Well why? Because as I’m typing this the game isn’t over yet. But Lonzo Ball has a triple double. 

But if you go look up the Lakers on Google, and go check out the scores… They’re a little messed up. And well the Lakers have a new player. Lorenzo Ferguson.

And if you click on his name…. Well it brings you to this… And it also happens when you google search “Lonzo Ball”

Who is Lorenzo Ferguson? A prolific R&B/hip-hop multi-instrumentalist and producer from Detroit, and a member of the extended Foreign Exchange family. 

Which you know… Being from Michigan is pretty sweet that an underground artist is getting some love. 

But the description on google shows American Basketball Player and the start of the wiki page says: Lonzo Anderson Ball is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. Of course this happens to Lonzo Ball though. He has one if not the best game of his career and they can’t show Big Baller Brand any love.  

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