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Lonzo Ball Becomes Youngest Player To Record a Triple-Double

Big. Baller. Brand.

These three words have made an NBA Rookie from Chino Hills into one of the most well-known names in sports.

Lonzo Ball has been the main story in a lot of headlines in the past year. Whether it’s his dad, Lavar Ball, being crazy, or him leading UCLA to one of their best seasons in recent years, Lonzo has had people watching him under a microscope.

On November 11, 2017, a new headline was added to the story of Lonzo Ball. At the age of 20 and 15 days, Ball passed LeBron James on being the youngest player to every record a Triple-Double.

In Saturday’s 98-90 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Ball racked up 19 points with 13 assists and 12 rebounds. He also shot 58 percent from the field, on the night.

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers took the loss, this game has to come as a sigh of relief for both Ball and Laker Fans. Ball has not had the season that fans expected of him. Yes, Ball has able to put up average numbers scoring 8.9 points per game with 6.4 rebounds and 6.9 assists, but what worries everyone is his shooting. On the season, Lonzo has shot 29 percent from the field and 22 pecent from behind the arc. This is a horrendous shooting slump that Ball is enduring.

Hopefully, this isn’t an every once in a while type of game. In the second game of the season against the Phoenix Suns, Lonzo flirted with a Triple-Double. He scored 29 points and collected 11 rebounds and 9 assists. This was probably his overall best game. But… between them and now, things were not looking up for Ball.

Maybe, Lonzo only likes to do his best against Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe, who was recently traded to from Phoenix to the Milwaukee Bucks, was on the other end of both of Ball’s great performances. Is it alright to say that Lonzo Ball is Bledsoe’s Kryptonite?

Even though Ball has not had the season most people thought he would, Ball’s presence on the court makes an immediate impact compared to recent years. Not only does Ball bring a presence on the court, but he also draws in big crowds. People want to see him play.

It is still early in the season, and Ball still has a lot of learning to do, but once all that falls into place, the ceiling is high for Lonzo Ball. This attribute is just the start for Ball.

It’s ‘Zo Time’ in Los Angeles.



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