Logan Paul Is Earning “Eight Figures” In His Fight Against Floyd Mayweather

In the last few days, the internet has been buzzing about Logan Paul’s alleged salary from his contract for his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

Some reports were saying that Logan would be earning $200k and 2% of the pay-per-view sales while Floyd would make $2 million and 5% of the pay-per-view sales.

Daniel Keem (KEEMSTAR) had conflicting numbers in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, DramaAlert, saying this:

“My sources are pretty dead on, and my source gave me a text message yesterday saying Mayweather is getting paid $5m up front and 50 percent of all the sales of the pay-per-view.

“Logan is only getting paid $200,000 up front and only five percent of all the sales of the pay-per-view.”

Many people began speculating that Logan was getting extremely underpaid to step foot in the ring against the greatest fighter of all time. Some were saying he was doing it for clout and would benefit through his social media more than through a fight contract.

It turns out, the KEEMSTAR report was wrong, according to Logan himself. On his most recent episode of his podcast, Impaulsive, he brought up the subject of the contract.

At the 23 minute mark, Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak read the reports of the $200k number.

He said in confusion, “200k to get in the ring with the greatest of all time? Who is reporting this??”

Logan responded with “You’re way off with your estimates, but you’ll never know.”

Mike then said “Eight figures! I’m sorry, you’re not gonna say it, but eight figures.”

So we know he’s making at least $10 million from this fight and probably has a percentage of the pay-per-view sales as well. Not to mention all of the press that will be involved that will boost his social media channels up, it’s safe to say he’ll be getting PAID.

If Logan is making that much, I can’t even imagine what Floyd is getting. Other details like the location of the fight, number of rounds, rules, and regulations have not been announced yet.

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