Logan Paul Buys Second Property… $1M Ranch | Formerly Known As Timothy Leary’s Drug Ranch | Hopefully We See A Tour On The Night Shift @LoganPaul @mikemajlak

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On the latest episodes of Impaulsive Logan Paul talked about how he recently invested in a new house and property.

Later on he mentioned that he believes that the house is haunted. The night he stayed there after purchasing the property he said he asked his buddies to move their bed into his room, because he was so scared.

He mentioned that multiple times the car horn randomly start going off outside the house.

But… I didn’t hear him mention that it was once Timothy Leary’s LSD ranch. He might have mentioned it, but I didn’t hear it… Pretty crazy.

Here are images of the house:

FROM SFGATE.COM: The ranch was once the home of another controversial figurehead with a huge following: Former Harvard professor Timothy Leary ran an LSD operation here in the 1960s with his followers, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. The ranch became a compound where a machine popped out LSD tablets called Orange Sunshine.

“With more hippies, as they were referred to by the locals, joining the Brotherhood, this often unpredictable group would later operate vegetarian soup kitchens, oppose the Vietnam War and preach to others that the regular use of LSD would create a more sensitive human race,” reads the listing with Sotheby’s International Real Estate. “Eventually, 30 or so members lived in the compound which included a ranch house, outbuildings, and teepees.”

Makes sense why this might be haunted.

Now hopefully Logan’s roommate/business partner Mike Majlak gives us a house tour on an episode of his YouTube show, The Night Shift.

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