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Logan Paul and Nick Mercs Are Joining Barstool Sports?!

Woah! Apparently Logan Paul and Nick Mercs are both joining Barstool Sports and will be promoting The Barstool Sportsbook!

Nick Mercs and Logan Paul have been on different podcasts on Barstool Sports and it makes sense that they’re adding influencers to their team.

Nick Mercs and Logan Paul are two of the most popular influencers in the WORLD and the future of them with Barstool is huge!

Logan Paul seems to have stock in $Penn National from what it sounds like.

Barstool Sports will be launching their sportsbook in Michigan on January 22nd. Mercs is originally from Michigan and has had family members who played college football there – including his father.

Barstool Sports might actually be taking over the game now, even though they basically already have.

Nick Mercs announced on Twitter that he was joining – it’ll be interesting to see when Logan Paul announces it.

They’re connecting with so many influencers and the more they team up with the faster that it grows. I don’t know how the contracts workouts, but it’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening in the future.

Ps… Portnoy.. If you need someone to promote the Barstool Sportsbook in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, let me know. I’m your guy.

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