Logan Paul And Friends Tricked Tanner Fox Into Believing Logan Was Assigned By The Government To Be The Person Who Communicates To Aliens If They Come To Earth | @LoganPaul @tannerfox

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During the most recent episode of the podcast ImPaulsive, Logan Paul talked about how he tricked his friend and other YouTuber Tanner Fox into believing that Logan was assigned by the Government to communicate to Aliens if they come to Earth.

Logan recently purchased a ranch with a huge property where they’ve witnessed some flying objects. So tricking Tanner wasn’t too hard.

“Max was like, Logan, you should tell him the thing about the Aliens. So when you’re at the ranch you pretty much always see Aliens….

“When the aliens do come to planet earth, I’m going to be the one communicating with them to link humans and extra contractual life. Like the government chose me, I’m the guy.”

Tanner ended up starting to somewhat freak out asking if he was joking. Believing him.

After some time went by, he asked if they were joking. They didn’t really give him an answer.

Check out the clip below:

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