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Liv Cowherd Is Hotttt!!!! Is She Dating Trey Lance; Does Colin Cowherd Like Trey?

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Trey Lance has a big day tomorrow as he will very likely be a Top 10 pick in the NFL Draft, but here lately he has been a little preoccupied with Liv Cowherd, ESPN Analyst’s Colin Cowherd’s daughter. Check out a few pictures of her below.

Now if you scroll through the comments on the link to Liv’s Instagram account above, you will see that Trey commented yet again on her pictures. It has been rumored for quite some time now that Trey and Liv have been dating, but it has not yet been confirmed. Does it really matter? Obviously not. But you have to wonder what Liv’s father Colin Cowherd thinks about the whole situation.

Colin did indicate in an interview not long ago that Trey was at his house and spoke very highly of him.

“I think he’s special,” Cowherd said of Lance. “By the way, I’m not going to lie, he was at my house 24 hours ago. Very humble, very gracious, he’s got all the right things in life that he cares about.”

Check out this video of Colin below talking about Treys upside and where he thinks he’ll land in the NFL Draft.

Now that the NFL Draft has taken place, check out the article below to see Liv’s Dad, Colin Cowherd react to Trey Lance’s signing with the San Francisco 49ers. Also, Liv retweeted her Dad’s video!

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