Little Brother Makes Impressive Debut


Jess Lockwood has been known to put on bull riding clinics. Watch the tape of last year’s World Finals where he rode four bulls for 90 points or better to overtake Jose Vitor Leme for the 2019 World Championship.

Or yesterday in New Hampshire, where he knocked down two more 90-plus point rides for the event title and a reclamation of his World No. 1 status.

Well, Jess isn’t the only one in the Lockwood family to conduct bull riding clinics.

One of his latest clinics, in Chicago earlier this month, was happening about the same time as another schooling 2,000 miles away in Reno, where his brother Jake turned in an impressive 3-for-3 showing at the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour event in Reno, Nevada.


The younger brother of the youngest two-time World Champion bull rider did indeed have a few bull riding pointers for all to see in this ride:

The event winning 85-point ride can be viewed below:

The event win secured the younger Lockwood a berth in PBR’s upcoming elite series Sacramento event this coming weekend. But due to his place in world standings, Jake was able to compete in the Manchester, New Hampshire event as an alternate, and what a great debut it was.

The debut matchup would pair the younger Lockwood with Up North Outlaw (1-2). As Jake nodded and they left the chute together, Jake made the 8-second whistle on his first out in the premier series for 82.25 points.

Check the ride out below:

Knocking down his first ride on the first out at the Unleash The Beast is a milestone in the young 19-year-old’s pro bull riding career. While he was shut out the rest of the weekend in front of a raucous crowd in Manchester, it will be a treat to see how the sibling rivalry plays out over the 2020 season, along with observing the two brothers feeding off one another as the PBR visits different states coast to coast.

 The camera angle on RidePass, the PBR’s digital network, was perfect during Round 1 in New Hampshire, catching Jess leaning out of the chutes, clapping his hands and screaming for joy as his brother made his qualified ride at the Big Show.

 Watching these brothers in Sacramento – and if Jake stays at the premier series – is indeed going to make this even more exciting for the fans!

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