Listen: The Anomalies – The 49th Celebration (#Rewind)

Tanner is back in the Host’s chair on this one and we open with Marco’s weekend spent with Todd Mccomas, Marnee, and Shaun Latham. He framed and roofed the backyard bar with that crew in Todd & Marnee’s backyard.

Brian teaches us about UPS internal affairs and provides us some insight on how much the job sucks during the pandemic. Flegs teaches us about Santa Claus, Indiana and blows Tanner’s mind. Marco and Flegs also hash out Flegs’ dismissal of Bree & Marco, despite being minutes apart from each other. We go over the NFL and how that clown Roger Goodell backed out from watching a MNF game with El Presendente. Lastly, we all have some local shit shows to close out the show, including one of our missing co-hosts who may or may not have been playing COD.

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