Listen: HS Basketball Coach Threatens To Send Player Back To Haiti & Even Worse Threats Because Kid Wanted To Transfer (Video)

Flordia high school basketball coach Mike Woodbury is in some heat after an audio clip of him surfaced the internet. And well.. After listening to it, I understand why its all over. This guy is nothing but an asshole.

Woodbury started off by saying he doesn’t want to hear s*it from the player and that he should get the f*ck out. He added that he has complete control of where players transfer and for this particular player, it could be back to Haiti. Woodbury also said don’t cross him and he’s the baddest motherf*cker on the earth.

Woodbury also told the player not to speak as he tried to and then called him “stupid ass” and “f*ck face.” He then said “I’ll f*ck you in the ass the next time you talk out of line.” The disgusting rant concluded by Woodbury saying he’ll take everything the player ever had and that he’s retarded.

Whats even worse? He said he doesn’t regret anything that he said about the player who lives with him. And honestly if this guy isn’t fired by later this week this schools nothing but a joke. I feel terrible for this kid having to deal with this.

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