Lions Pro Bowl Punter/Kick Off Specialist Jack Fox Has A Proposal For The NFL #ForTheBrand

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It appears that the NFL has sent out new rule proposals to teams and is asking them for their input. Well Lions Punter/Kick Off Specialist Jack Fox decided to take his opinion the the streets of twitter.

Call me crazy, but I like this. Give the special teams units in football a name in something other than how well they can give your defenses good field position. Allow them to grow as athletes and be able to soundly contribute to the games and not just be silent heroes. I mean why not lets this happen, the NFL has all but gotten rid of the kick off leaving return specialists and kick off specialists nervous about their job security so why not give them another avenue to prove themselves in.

Think about the stars of yesterday we missed out on by not making this happen sooner. I mean would Pat McAfee be an even bigger household name than he already is? What about ex Cowboys kicker David Buhler who could kick the football about 100 yards but was just directionally challenged with his foot. Could he have taken this opportunity and turned it into a great payout? We’ll never know sadly, but hopefully we take steps forward to help lift the careers of our specialists in the NFL.

There are many questions to be asked but all in all more personalities on the Special Teams is something needed in the NFL, and if making this small rule change happen begins to grow the brand, then I’m all in.

Just look at these ATHLETES #ForTheBrand

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