Lions Lose 34-20 To The Vikings And Are A Complete Dumpster Fire

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This game was a complete embarrassment for the Lions, getting outplayed in every phase of the game. For the first time all year, the Lions didn’t strike first. The Lions never led throughout the game. I have been sick of Matt Patricia for a while, pretty much since the end of his first year. This guy has got to go, this is getting pathetic. He was brought to Detroit for two main reasons, to get the Lions over the hump and to fix the defense. He has failed miserably at both. The defense was once again was terrible. Allowing 487 total yards to the Vikings.

Dalvin Cook tore the Lions defense up. It was sad to watch, like watching a grown man plow over children. At least that’s what it looked like. Cook ran for 206 yards on 22 carries, 9.4 yards per carry, plus two touchdowns on the day. Including a 75 yarder that put the nails in the coffin for the Lions.

Don’t get me wrong this play was impressive but the Lions made it easier on Dalvin Cook by only having ten men on the field. Elementary style coaching from Matt Patricia and defensive coordinator Cory Undlin.

Just absolutely unacceptable. What makes that even worse is this happened twice last week. I just don’t understand how you can be a coach in the NFL and have these types of situations happen.

Really? Thanks, I didn’t know not having the correct amount of players on the field is terrible coaching. Again, elementary style coaching. That quote is something Lions fans are sick of hearing. Feels like every week Patricia says “That’s on us, we have to be better.” You have been saying that for three years and nothing has improved. Hey Patricia, be better.

The defense wasn’t the only one to blame, the offense struggled to say the least. Stafford started the day off great, throwing for 123 yards on 16-of-18 (88.9%) and one touchdown in the first half. Unfortunately, that was his only touchdown of the day. Stafford threw two costly interceptions in the second half, both coming in the red zone.

Stafford finished the day with 211 yards before being taken out to be checked for a concussion. Swift proved why he should be running back number one once again, rushing 64 yards on 14 carries, 4.9 yards per carrying. The Lions need to make Swift the clear main back, you picked him high in the second round for a reason. Use him. The Lions left plenty of points on the board, Matt Prater missed another kick today. Other than that the special teams were fantastic today, the only bright spot for the Lions. The punt coverage and kick coverage was awesome, and the Lions even blocked two punts.

Seems like the only group on the team knows what they’re doing. Credit to the special teams coordinator Brayden Coombs. The Lions drop to 3-5 on the season and are once again in the last place in the NFC North. The season is getting off the rails, and the train isn’t getting back on the track. Patricia’s seat is as hot as ever. This defense is pathetic, I can’t believe this guy was a defensive coordinator for a Super Bowl team. On the good news, it seems like the Patricia experiment is coming to an end this season.

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