Lions GM Bob Quinn Made Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien Angry During Third Round of 2020 NFL Draft (Video)

UPDATE: Apparently, Bob Quinn said in his post-Day 2 virtual press conference that he didn’t make any offers to the Texans. He also said he doesn’t know why O’Brien got so angry then.

During tonight’s Round 3 of the 2020 NFL Draft, we had a bit of entertaining segment of drama surrounding what could’ve been a potential trade.

Houston Texans head coach/current ‘de facto’ general manager (GM) Bill O’Brien expressing his frustration after Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn pulled out at the last second.

It was all caught on camera via ESPN.

Texans best writer John McClain said that the Lions had a potential trade to go down to #90. The Lions would wind trading up with Texans’ rival, Indianapolis Colts, to #75 to select Ohio State guard Jonah Jackson.

Houston selected with outside linebacker Jonathan Greenard out of Florida.


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