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Lions Fans Are Donating $9 To The Acoustic Neuroma Association Which Matthew Stafford Chose As His My Cause My Cleats Charity, Kelly Stafford Had A Acoustic Neuroma Brain Tumor

Wow! As a diehard Detroit Lions fan today is a sad day. A day that I’ll always remember. The last day that Matthew Stafford will be on the Detroit Lions. A day that I didn’t think would ever come. I’ll really miss watching #9 sling the ball around in honolulu blue and then getting up after being crushed by a defender.

Matthew Stafford will always be my quarterback even if he’s in another jersey. I hope that he can go win a Super Bowl somewhere.

But the one thing that I and all Detroit Lions fans can do is to donate $9 to The Acoustic Neuroma Association which Matthew Stafford chose as his My Cause My Cleat the last couple of seasons.

Stafford’s wife, Kelly, had a acoustic neuroma brain tumor and has since recovered and is at full health. She’s also a gym rat. All Lions fans have loved Kelly Stafford because she’s always been loyal and when the referees screwed up – she wasn’t scared to voice her opinion on Instagram.

Show your respect to #9 by joining in and donating $9. Click here!

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