Le’Veon Bell to the Chiefs?

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Spoiler: The decision still hasn’t been made.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one. Obviously there are no confirmed reports out there as to if Bell is officially going to the Chiefs but he is down to his final two teams, the Chiefs and the Dolphins. If he were to go to the Chiefs, he would essentially just be another Lesean McCoy. Another once great running back, turned into a 3rd string guy. He would be hopping on with the Chiefs just to get the chance at a Super Bowl ring, which obviously won’t happen because the Packers are winning with ease this year.

Now, if he were to go to the Dolphins, then we have a different story. Myles Gaskin has shown glimpses of being good this year but hasn’t shown consistency game after game. This would be an opportunity to prove himself to be a great running back again because he would most likely be starting and taking the majority of the snaps after a week or two.

So, here are the options laid out for him. Join the Chiefs, most likely make it to the Super Bowl, make a good chunk of money, and barely play. Join the Dolphins, start, make a good chunk of money, not make the playoffs, and destroy his body trying to prove the haters. If I were a betting man, I very much so am, I would find your nearest book and put some money on the Chiefs because even though it makes zero sense to bring him on, he would be delusional not to jump on the bandwagon.

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