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Le’Veon Bell Puts His Rap Critics on Blast

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New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell is once again in the news. This time he is ripping his social media critics over his rap career. 

In a video posted by TMZ Sports, Bell posted a personal video of himself ranting that he is tired of people and fans ripping on him in all of social media solely based on that he also has a rap career along with his football one. 

During his video, he said that he opposes fans’ opinions on that he should focus on work on the field than off it. In which he plugs in examples given of LeBron James and Beyoncé to his argument. 

The video of his rant in an airport is viewed in the link below. 

This might bring some more heat on to him after holding from the Pittsburgh Steelers last season, only to sign with the Jets this offseason. 

It is certain that Bell has had enough of critics ripping him, but this doesn’t shed a good light on him especially with how his offseason went this season and last season (along with the funny 911 call he made while in Miami). 

Jets training camp begins this week and we believe that it just couldn’t come here soon enough for everyone. 

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