Lets Talk Chalk CFB week 3

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Ok Week 3, I dont even know what to say I’m 0-8 to start this blog I promise guys I have bet before and I’ve been successful at betting college football. I owe an apology to PSE, my family, and who ever reads this blog because buddy do I stink! Anyway I gotta keep moving forward remember if I get one right its an improvement. As always the lines are brought to us by William Hill sports book.


Last week I talked about Texas maybe being back here we are a week later and people are talking about Maryland being back. I want to school close to PA- Maryland border and pal the Maryland fans are insufferable even when their teams stink I cant imagine how bad it is now that they may actually be good. Temple is 1-0 coming off of a bye and I think Maryland is due for a close game plus I’m biased towards Temple as I live near Philly and support any of the Big 5 schools.

The Pick: Temple +7



I’m a big Georgia guy my family used to have an English Bulldog (RIP Spanky) in turn that’s helped people like my uncle and my brother adopt the Dawgs as their unofficial college football team. Plus D’Andre Swift is a Philly kid that has lost some ground thanks to Tua and Jalen Hurts in the Heisman race I think he has a big day.

The Pick:Georgia -32.5



The Orange Stunk last week as Maryland destroyed them. Clemson couldn’t cover the spread at home against a tough Texas A&M team. Trevor Lawrence looked human last week and he needs a strong performance to get back in the Heisman Race. Clemson is the fastest team in the country in reference to team speed this is in a dome where 4.4 guys always seem to look like 4.2 guys.  Plus Syracuse is good for 20 points or so.

The Pick: Over 64.5


I just need one. I just need one.I just need one to hit and like Texas I could maybe be back. Don’t forget on Sunday Mornings to be on the look out for lets talk chalk NFL week 2 edition.



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