LeBron Told The Heat They Were In Trouble Jimmy Just Returned the Favor

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Well this series just got interesting after going down two games to nothing the Heat bounce back with a HUGE triple double performance from Jimmy Butler just willed the team to the 115-104 win over the Lakers. Near the end of the fourth quarter Jimmy can be seen saying ‘you’re in trouble’ but as it turns out Mr. Butler called it was LeBron who told the Heat that in the first quarter and he was only returning the favor.

The craziest thing is I believe him, this really doesn’t mean much but it just shows that this series runs a little bit deeper than we originally thought. Jimmy tonight was awesome willing a team that is battling some injuries and just showing he is the alpha on this team. It is wild to believe no other team offered him the max but I guess he really isn’t for everyone and goes to show Pat Riley made the smart decision and pulling the trigger on Butler.

Many people would label this performance as his best in his career until you remember that he got literally bench players on the Timberwolves to beat KAT and Andrew Wiggins among other staters. This performance would just rank under what he did in that TWolves practice. Jimmy showed tonight that his will to win weighs out his skill and he will do whatever it takes for him to win. On a floor that has LeBron James, and Anthony Davis Butler was the best player on that court tonight no denying that.

It will be interesting to see this series play out and who ultimately wins the Heat will continue to fight I am sure of it. They will go as far as Jimmy will take them and all things considered they find themselves in a great condition if they can either get Bam or Dragic back that would help them out a lot!

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