LeBron James Seeking ‘Taco Tuesday’ to be Trademarked

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After videos of him shouting and celebrating  Taco Tuesday has gone viral all over social media, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has now filed to have those words to be trademarked. 

One of LeBron’s companies, LBJ Trademarks, LLC., have went to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and have requested to have the famous ‘Taco Tuesday’ words to be his own. 

According to a report by USA Today Sports, the trademark will be appealed to audio/visual works, social media/communications, and other featured media services. 

James also has a podcast that is called, ‘Taco Tuesday’ that is hear every Tuesday. 

James has been broadcasting the Taco Tuesday videos and gifs throughout the summer, including the one that is shown below. 

James trying to secure Taco Tuesday as his own is another example of college and pro sports teams and celebrities trying to trademark their own sayings. 

Like six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady vying to trademark ‘Tom Terrific,’ and Ohio State University bidding to add the word “the” in front of everything that comes out of the school. 

It’s a bold strategy, but we’ll wait and see if it pays off for him. 

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