LeBron James is 35 And Doing This in Year 17 is Why People Hold Him to a High Standard.

Plain and Simple LeBron shouldn’t be able to do this at age 35 he’s jumping out of gyms. The hold saying throw it up and LeBron will catch it has never been more true tonight. Just watch this clip.

I don’t think we have ever seen a player that has had the expectations to be great at such a young age like we have seen with LeBron. This man had the weight of being proclaimed the next Michael Jordan and ‘King’ when this guy was a junior in high school. People always expect Bron to be great and he has most likely scattered every expectation that has been had for him, which is just a wild thought to have. Just think we will NEVER I mean NEVER see a basketball player like LBJ again. No way to work around that statement this dude is good like really good, will never understand the hate this man gets.

Like this man is expected to be great and when he does something great no one is shocked because ‘thats LeBron’ that will always be mind boggling to me that we are not appreciating him now. I will never get into the debate of who is better LeBron or Jordan just because I don’t want to argue with an old head and I am literally 22 so I never got to see Jordan play but I am very lucky and grateful to see a guy like LeBron play. He is just on a whole different level than everyone else and it is crazy.

Ps; No one remind LeBron how old he is!

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