LeBron James Has Taco Truck Sent Over to Getty Fire Base Camp to Feed Firefighters and First Responders

After Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, his family and many other families were forced to evacuated from their home, the former NBA MVP decided to give back to those firefighters and first responders who are sacrificing themselves in the line of fire.

According to a story by USA Today, James has sent over a taco truck at the base camp to feed them during their lunch hour.

The star player told both USA Today and ESPN that those first responders and firefighters have a lot of courage to stand in, fight the fires, and risk their lives to fight for others.

“It definitely takes a lot of bravery, a lot of commitment, a lot of sacrifice in any job that you take, but when you’re at the risk of your life any time you’re called upon, it’s a different type of mind state that you have to be in,” James said. “So it definitely doesn’t go without notice and without appreciation.”

James has now turned his attention to his next game as the Lakers play the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas Friday night.

This is a very classy gesture for a superstar athlete who’s giving back to those who are in the line of duty with the wildfires in the state of California recently.

Hopefully everyone over by the Getty Fire are safe and can return home safely very soon.

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