LeBron is First in the Latest MVP Poll … as he should

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Call me a bronsexual or whatever you want, but LeBron should just get the MVP now. He’s the best player, on the best team, playing the best basketball. AKA the most valuable player. LeBron could’ve won the MVP every year for the past ten years, and it would’ve been acceptable. You cannot tell me that one of these other dudes that just gets handed the trophy is a more valuable basketball player then Lebron “Daddy” James. Stop.

Who else are you gonna give it to over Bron? Embiid, really? Ok if you think he’s the MVP then start your team with him over LeBron. If he’s the MVP then watch him play with LeBron in a playoff series. Until LeBron decides to hang it up, they should just call it the LeBron James award and give it to him, because not one player in the league will ever be more valuable.

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