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LeBron Explains How a Warriors Employee Made Him Take a Longer Route To Locker Room Than Was Needed After Injury

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“I felt it coming down the court and actually overextended it again back on defense,” James said. “So, just an unfortunate play.”

After securing the defensive stop, Lakers coach Luke Walton called a timeout to get James off the floor.

He tried to stretch out on the sideline then while doing the he was seen saying, “I felt something pop.”

He continued stretching as he took a seat on the bench, but eventually decided to head towards the locker room.

Opposing players typically head for the tunnel exit behind the basket near the Warriors’ bench because that’s where the visiting locker room is located.

However, James took the tunnel behind the Lakers’ bench and had to walk all the way around the corridors of the arena to get to the locker room.

“Yeah, [an arena worker] told me to go that way. They made me take the long route” James told Yahoo Sports while laughing. “I know what they were doing.”

“It’s pretty rare for me to have an injury, period,” James said. “ … We have a great medical staff here, I have a great trainer, we’ll get to it. Obviously, I did a couple exercises to see if I could continue to go, but I didn’t feel like it would benefit my team or me, so I just came back and got a jumpstart on the rehab.”

Here is the play that LeBron was injured on:

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