Leaked: Barstool Sports Launching Vodka “Pink Whitney” With Partnership With New Amsterdam

It’s coming! Now you could say that I wrote the title wrong and that New Amsterdam is launching this, but let’s be real. Barstool Sports is going to be the driver behind 99% of these sales. 

Barstool Sports is officially partnering up with New Amsterdam Vodka and launching “Pink Whitney” which is a vodka named after former NHL star and Barstool’s (Spittin’ Chiclets) employee, Ryan Whitney. 

Now, I have no idea when this is going to launch or when Barstool plans to announce it.

But I am assuming within the next couple of weeks. With summer here, could this be the drink of the summer?

Here are the documents that have been leaked and can be found by clicking here.

This isn’t a random drink now, this is something that Ryan Whitney has been talking about on social media for a couple of years.


Who is ready for the drink of the summer? I am

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