Lawsuit Assuses Jaguars DT Marcell Dareus of Sexual Assault and Giving A Chick An STD

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Marcell Dareus of the Jacksonville Jaguars was accused of sexual assault, and giving a chick an STD. This incident apparently happened in Texas. And who knows the entire story.

“The complaint, filed by the plaintiff who is identified as “Jane Doe,” says Dareus and Doe spent the night at a Houston hotel in April. According to court documents, the woman woke up in pain and unable to remember most of the night, before Dareus told her they had a sexual encounter. The two saw each other again in the next two days and had sex both days. The complaint alleges that Dareus did not disclose he had an STD at any point or that he used protection.

Later that week, the woman said she was diagnosed with herpes.” – SI

“[The] defendant’s negligence and negligence has caused [the] plaintiff to suffer severe physical and mental injuries, including, but not limited to, past and future medical costs, past and future pharmaceutical costs, past and future physical pain and suffering, past and future mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life,” attorneys wrote in the suit.



Chris Parenteau and Garrett Pelican of reported a woman from Texas identified as Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against Dareus saying he had “sex with her while she was unconscious and without disclosing what she believes was herpes.”

The woman is seeking damages of more than $15,000.


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