LaVar Calls Lakers’ Coaches “Soft”

LaVar Ball has made his name well known throughout the world. The reason should be because he is the father of NBA rookie Lonzo Ball. But… that is only a fraction of the reason.

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Whether it is calling out Michael Jordan, saying he can beat him a game of 1 on 1 basketball or having his own little feud with President Donald Trump, Lavar Ball is a well-known name.

Lavar Ball now has added to his list of crazy thing to say to the media.

Ball has now called out the Lakers’ Coaching Staff about their style of coaching with his son Lonzo Ball. This comes as a surprise as he told the media that he would not interfere with anything in the organization. But…Yet the next chapter of the “Crazy things Lavar says” has a new chapter.

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Being Lonzo’s father, Lavar obviously knows what to do with his son. He has trained and coached him for many years. He knows how to get the best out of Lonzo, and he doesn’t think the Lakers’ coaching staff will succeed with it.

What Lavar doesn’t seem to understand that this is a process. Of course, Lonzo is not going to be the same player with the Lakers he was at UCLA. He has to learn a whole new system and learn his place on the team.

As the Philadelphia 76ers would say, Lavar Ball just needs to “Trust The Process.” Lonzo’s success will come, and fans have seen what he has to offer. Lavar just need’s to R-E-L-A-X.


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