LaVar Ball Talks About His Relationship With LeBron & What Luke Walton Needs to Do to Keep His Job 

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LaVar Ball has been surprisingly quiet this year and it’s honestly nice. But whenever he has something to say you know it’s going to be something ridiculous, and whenever a TMZ reporter asks him questions you know he’s going to answer.

“Do you think LeBron James JR., LeBron SR, LaMelo Ball, and Lonzo will play together?” His response just what you’d think it is. “You’re missing one.”

It’s still pretty crazy that he believes they’ll all play together. But.. LaVar has been right before. Lonzo looks like a very solid player for Los Angeles.

And well… Let’s be real for a second, LaMelo Ball is going to be the best Ball brother.

That’s not his only reply for it though.

“LeBron’s sons got to bring his game though” was his next reply.

Then the reporter asked if LeBron will mentor LaMelo or Lonzo. And what do you think his reply was? Hell no.

And that shouldn’t surprise anyone. LaVar likes it his way. Zo will mentor Melo.

The next question “Whats your relationship with LeBron” “I like him.” replied LeBron.

Which honestly makes sense. LeBron and LaVar both demand greatness. LeBron has been hard on himself, coaches, players, and upper management in the past. And that’s the same type of person that LaVar is.

“Will Luke be around” If he plays Lonzo more than 35 minutes a game he’ll be around.

Here is the entire video:

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