Lauri Markkanen Is On The Move And We Have A 3 Team Trade On Our Hands

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Shammmm bomb, Lauri Markkanen is on the move to Cleveland in a three team trade. Lauri is getting sent to the Cavs, the bulls are getting Derrick Jones Jr along with a Portland first rounder and a Denver 2023 second round pick, and then Larry Nance Jr is getting sent to Portland. Pretty big new since it’s the off-season right now, we haven’t had much news so this at least something to talk about.

I honestly like this trade for Bulls the most, they got DJJ who’s an explosive forward who isn’t the greatest on the offensive side but definitely a big help on defense. Also getting two picks along with it isn’t bad, they didn’t want to sign Lauri to what he wanted and they made the most of it. I’ll be honest I don’t think this helps the cavs much at all though personally. They are just replacing Larry Nance with a slightly better version of himself honestly. Maybe if they build a solid enough team around him it could end up working but I just don’t see it working out, I feel like his time won’t be long and he’ll end up traded before his contract is over.

Portland though definitely lost this deal, they gave up DJJ and a protected first for Larry Nance? Maybe im missing something but I just don’t see Larry as a key piece to any team. Going off just the box scores and all then yeah on paper he’s much better than Derrick but I feel like Derrick hasn’t made up to his full potential yet, he’s 4 years younger than Larry so Chicago has something to work with. Portland adding Larry though isn’t going to be a piece that pushes them in the playoffs or gives them any kind of boost. Again though I haven’t watched much of Nances game the past couple of years but the games I have watched it wasn’t oh so impressive to me. I can’t wait to see how things shake out though I could be 100% wrong about all of these.

One more thing what the fuck happened to Woj dropping the bombs first? He’s completely fell off the breaking news wave.

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