Las Vegas Street Performers and Show Girls Are Starting To Feel The Impact of Coronavirus | Fremont Street and Most Places Still Open

According to locals, Vegas isn’t bringing in the tourists like normal, because of the Coronavirus. What that means is less money is going into the hands of Street Performers.

With the NFL draft coming to Las Vegas in April the main question is “what’s going to happen from now until then regarding the Coronavirus?” Although time is ticking down, the NFL hasn’t issued a full statement yet. And for now the plan for myself is to attend the Draft. My nerves are starting to kick in.

Las Vegas street performers are starting to feel the impact of the virus going around. Less people are traveling, less people are going out to Fremont Street.

This means the street performers throughout Vegas are starting to feel the drought. Less money is going into pockets of these performers.

“A lot of flights, a lot of conventions are being canceled. So it is kind of affecting us,” said Melanie Kramer who works as a showgirl and stilt walker in Las Vegas.

Other performers who tend to hand out high fives are stopping. They’re “moving to fist bumps” according to Kramer. “We just replace high fives with fist bumps, so we use hand sanitizer,” said Kramer. “Really, the flu is much more dangerous is what I’m hearing. You know life goes on the show goes on.”

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