Larz, the YouTuber Who Was Part of the Toilet Seat Licking Trend, Says He May Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus…Has His Twitter Account Suspended

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Remember that Larz guy that was part of the Ava Louise toilet seat licking trend or the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ a couple days earlier? In which later tweeted it to ‘raise awareness?’

Well, it now appears after he did the challenge, karma may have struck back to him.

Summit News editor-at-large and YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson has reported that the controversial YouTuber has tested positive for the Coronavirus (or COVID-19).

Larz, who now has his Twitter account suspended, said in a video that he did test positive for the virus. That video was also removed along with his account’s suspension.

However, down below is a picture from then-Larz’s video.

Some may call the (now-deleted) hospital video a publicity stunt, but this may be the consequence of how certain challenges from influencers could lead you into big trouble.

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