Lane Kiffin Eyeing University of Miami Job

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Andy Slater of Fox Sports reported today that Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin could be on the move after just two seasons. Lane reportedly has an interest in the University of Miami job, if it were to come available following this season. Manny Diaz has been atrocious in his three seasons with the ‘Canes, so it’s certainly likely that the Miami job becomes available very shortly, and you’d have to think that Kiffin is a top candidate following an impressive season at Ole Miss.

This has sparked a pretty wild ‘Which job is better’ debate, and I honestly side with Ole Miss. Yeah Miami is in Miami, which certainly makes recruiting a little easier, but there’s just something about SEC football that really appeals to me. Miami doesn’t even have its own stadium, meanwhile Ole Miss would sell out a 60,000 seat stadium just to beat Eastern Mississippi Community College (shoutout EMCC) by a million in a bye game. There’s just way more passion surrounding these SEC teams than there is with Miami.

And honestly, it makes sense. If I were a student at University of Miami would I rather take a 40 minute bus ride to watch us battle it out with Appalachian State, or would I go to some dumb nightclub with girls in bikinis. I’m a dork, so I’d probably be sweating out the App state game, but most of the kids are hitting the club all day. But in Mississippi, what else is there to do besides go to the game? That’s why these SEC stadiums murder a Miami stadium all day.

Then again, Kiffin’s been known to be a bit wild, so maybe he’s more suited to the Miami yacht party/cocaine life than he is looking at the pigs and soybean fields in the middle of nowhere Mississippi. In either program he’s still not gonna get by Alabama and Clemson, at least I think Clemson, so it really doesn’t matter where he goes.

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