Lane Johnson shows bravery in admitting battle with mental health; returning to Philadelphia Eagles

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It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor you are. Fame and fortune. Or if you are just a regular person. Mental health can get the best of everyone.

Lane Johnson, the Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle, had missed the last three games. Johnson announced on Twitter on Monday that he is returning to the team after being away due to mental health issues.

The 31-year-old has been a career member of the Philadelphia Eagles and has been an important part of their offensive line since his debut in the league back in 2013.

The truth is, mental health is now an easy thing to discuss for anyone; especially for men, and think about the professional athlete who has their life on full display.

Jay Glazer from FOX Sports once said that his wallet is not an anti-depressant, and he’s right. Look at Chris Kanyon, former WWE and WCW wrestler who dealt with the mental health issues as a gay wrestler trying to hide his secret.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott admitted the same after the death of his brother during the pandemic; something that was extremely courageous and he received a ton of praise for. Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has as well.

Admitting help is not easy. Lane Johnson admitted he needed help and it’s courageous of him to so.

For anyone who reads this and you are dealing with mental health, it’s okay. It’s okay to ask for help. There is someone in this world who will listen to your issues over having to speak at your eulogy.

Be kind to yourself.

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