Lana Rhoades Talks About Being In Prison For Over A Year After Being Kidnapped By Hippie Mafia – Mafia Made Her Climb Into Windows To Steal and Started Her Adult Career | @LoganPaul @mikemajlak @LanaRhoadess @impaulsiveshows

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During the most recent episode of the podcast ImPaulsive, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak brought on a familiar guest, former adult film star Lana Rhoades. If you didn’t know Lana is Mike’s girlfriend, he learned a bunch about her as well during this episode. This episode dug deep into Lana’s life.

One story stuck out more than the rest.

During the episode they talked about how Lana went through some terrible trauma at a young age and that ended up making it hard for her to fit in with people – she found other people who was really accepting over everyone. It happened to be a group of hippies who weren’t actually hippies but instead a group of hippies they were a big group of criminals.

On top of it? She was only 15.

They group of “hippies” ended up getting Lana into stripping to make money for the group. They’d all do their part to make money for the entire gang.

They ended up breaking into a bunch of houses, Lana was the person who they’d tend to have lookout for everything, or else be the one climbing into windows.

She ended up going to prison for over a year from about 16 years old to nearly 18. During the podcast they went on to call the hippies, the Mafia Hippies.

Here is the entire episode:

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