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In one of the most drama filled NFL off seasons in recent memory, somehow Lamar Jackson playing with a group of kids has made headlines. We’ve had sexual assault allegations, arrests, lawsuits, and domestic violence incidents but somehow everyone is up in arms over Lamar having fun with a group of kids. In the past I’ve seen Tom Brady cliff dive and Ben Rothlisberger crash a motorcycle but yet in the year 2021, Lamar playing football with a kid is the most riskiest thing in the world. The argument that I have seen the most is that he should not be doing anything to put him or his upcoming contract at risk. Has anybody else been paying attention to the risky off season these other players have been having?

Aaron Jones and Tyreek Hill raced each other, Rodgers and Brady have been golfing on tv every other day it seems, Boo Boo Schuster (Juju) posted him doing one on one’s with a kid, and the list goes on. Guys have been all out living their lives this off season but nobody is jumping on them about career safety. What if Aaron Jones hurt himself racing, Brady separated his shoulder on the greens, JuJu tore his ACL doing the latest Tik Tiok dance, none of that happened and nothing happened to Lamar. It’s not like Lamar was out on 4th of July and blew three of his throwing fingers off. I think everybody should just lighten up.

I was happy to see many NFL players defend Lamar because frankly all of the media heads have been doing the absolute most. Like a kiddy pool at Six Flags, it is not that deep. This man could hurt himself walking down his stairs, running to take out the trash, or even working out. Moral of the story is the Ravens need Lamar and he knows that, he also knows his own body and what is too risky for him to be participating in. You Ravens fans need to take a chill pill, it’s not like you guys are the ones writing the man’s check. I can not wait for the regular season to start so we can stop overreacting to things and talking about absolutely nothing.

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