Lakers loss to the Knicks proves they aren’t a good team without LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to keep their head above water with LeBron James out. First, it was his abdominal injury that landed him out for eight games.

Then there was the one game suspension served against the New York Knicks on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.

The Lakers totally could have won that game against the Knicks. After all, the Knicks blew a 25-point lead and the Lakers tied the game. But in the end, the Knicks lost 106-100.

This loss shows what many have probably figured out by now; the Lakers aren’t very good without LeBron James. In games that he plays in, the Lakers are 6-4. Without him, they are 3-6.

Fortunately for the Lakers, they’re only 19 games into the season and can still get it figured out with LeBron only being out for a game.

Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook have tried to hold it down with Carmelo Anthony, Malik Monk and the rest of the cast.

But his team runs through LeBron James. Before he arrived to the Lakers, they were a perennial lottery team. With him, they are a contender and championship contender.

AD is a really good -layer and one of the best. Westbrook is a former MVP. But this team was put together with the notion that it runs through LeBron because he makes them better and makes the team a cohesive unit when he’s on the court.

Without him, again, the Lakers are 3-6. The Lakers right now aren’t built to be good without LeBron. He’s the missing piece. He is the glue that keeps the Lakers together.

Even if he is out for one game against a struggling Knicks team, the Lakers suffer. And we saw that on Tuesday night.

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