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Ladies Night Out Returns With Free “Underground” Matches

Title Match Network taped a “no fans” version of their popular all-women’s Ladies Night Out brand in early June at Booker T’s World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas. They released the content for free on their YouTube page with six individual matches. They’re calling it “Ladies Night Out: Underground”. The concept is everyone on the card worked two matches in hopes of getting “double pay” in wins.

Barbi Hayden is the play by play announcer. She retired from in-ring competition last year to join the Atomic Saloon Show cast in Paradise, Nevada. She still contributes to Title Match Network projects as an announcer and interviewer when her schedule allows it.

Here are the results with the videos included:

Alex Gracia pinned Miranda Alize when Alize was in a tug of war with the referee over a chair she brought in to try to use as a weapon.

Thunder Rosa beat Promise Braxton by arm bar submission.

Vert Vixen beat Danny Bee by submission.

Promise Braxton beat Danny Bee by submission.

Alex Gracia pinned Vert Vixen after a driving elbow.

Thunder Rosa pinned Miranda Alize after the Thunder Driver.

Thunder Rosa announced yesterday that Title Match Network will be broadcasting her Mission Pro Wrestling show live on 9/18/20.

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