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La Habra Police Department Posts Firearms Arrest on Social Media, Gets Roasted in the Comments Section.

The social media coordinator for the La Habra, CA Police Department probably regrets this Facebook post.

Over the weekend an officer noticed what was referred to as a “suspicious” vehicle in the parking lot of a church. No description of what made the vehicle suspicious was provided, we can only assume the vehicle was parked while church was not in service. The officer investigated and made contact with the occupant of the car. The occupant admitted to the officer there was a firearm located in the vehicle. With this being California where possession of a BB Gun warrants a visit from the SWAT team I’m sure the occupant was swiftly removed from his vehicle and immediately placed into handcuffs. The post goes on to state the man was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm and was shamed for unlawfully carrying. Because your 2nd Amendment Right does not apply here. The officer was praised for doing his job protecting the community, because we all know a gun locked in a glove box is such a danger to society. (That was sarcasm)

I can only assume that the author of this post felt noticeably confident that they were doing the department a great service, putting the officer in a positive light. Showing how he served and protected the community by removing a dangerous weapon from the streets and successfully arresting the suspect without incident or injury. I’m sure the community would reach out and share their appreciation and satisfaction.

3,700 comments, 566 shares, and 1,500 likes later, boy were they wrong

People not only from the local community but from across the nation spoke up in support of the occupant of the car. Questioning as to why the officer approached him in the first place, then as to what warranted search of the vehicle? Of course, many pointed out that the US Constitution grants every American the Right to possess a firearm therefore the California laws are in fact Unconstitutional. The officer and the police department were compared to Nazi Germany and the reign of Joseph Stalin.

The La Habra Police Department has not commented further on the arrest

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