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LA Angels’ Dylan Bundy Becomes 2nd Pitcher to Puke on the Mound This Month!

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Don’t know what is going on inside each MLB teams clubhouse, but something sickly is going on there.

Early in Monday night’s game at the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Dylan Bundy was seen puking on the mound at the second inning.

In the clip below, you can notice that Bundy was sweating profusely and then he turns around and vomits out right in front of the camera.

Bundy joins now-Minnesota Twins relief pitcher Beau Burrows to vomit while the game was playing as it happened earlier this month. The incident with Burrows happened when he was pitching for the Detroit Tigers against the Chicago White Sox.

Game time temperature in the Bronx is currently at 86 degrees with a heat advisory in effect, that could happen Bundy being under the weather.

But hopefully everyone seen the last two months and be more prepared for the heat such as staying hydrated with various fluids, especially as the country approaches the month of the July, where overall temperatures are expected to get hotter as this summer season continues.

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